Spirits Delivery offers beer and liquor delivery in Hamilton, Ontario. We can also take back your empties and deliver convenience store items. Our service is ideal since it discourages drinking and driving as our team will do the driving for you!

Call Us To Place Your Order

How It Works

  • Give the dispatcher your order
  • The dispatcher may ask you for another option in case the stores do not have it at the moment – especially if you are ordering wine and/or liquor
  • If there is a sale (i.e. on beer orders: the 28 case is better priced than the 24 case), you will get the better deal!
  • If the 12 pack have something extra and you ordered a 24 case, you will get two of the 12s if they haven’t over sold at the location where the driver is
  • The dispatcher then calls the driver
  • The driver goes into the store and gets your order
  • Then your order comes right to your door - it's that simple!


  • No Hassles for you
  • Why stand in the line at The Beer Store or LCBO when we bring it directly to you?!
  • Avoid drinking and driving and let us drive for you
  • We will match competitor's coupons
  • Fast, reliable, dependable deliveries – most delivered in one hour or less
  • We deliver variety store items too!

We Deliver Convenience Store Items:

  • Such As: Pop, Cigarettes, Chips, Candy, Juice, Diapers, Etc.

We Do Not Deliver

  • NO Fast Food (ie. McDonalds, Pizza, KFC, Restaurants)
  • NO Grocery Shopping (ie. Food Basics, FreshCo, No Frills, Etc.)

Call Now

We Deliver From West of Parkdale to East of Emerson, just below the mountain. Other areas coming soon.

Monday to Saturday: 10 am – 9:45 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Visa MasterCard Interac Cash Payments

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